2018 - Urbanism

CMT submits the Sitges Public Building's Plan

CMT Associated Architects, in collaboration with the university professor Romà Pujadas, has written the Sitges Public Building's Plan. This document will serve as a basis for mid-long term planning of public buildings, according to the expected growth in population.

The Plan has been submitted for public debate by means of a citizen participation process, organized into thematic working sessions aimed at discussing the main aspects of the plan: educational, sports, cultural-associative, healthcare-welfare and public-administrative buildings, as well as local economic development.

2018 - Building

New residential project in Sant Andreu de Llavarenes

CMT Associated Architects has successfully delivered the final project of a new residential complex in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, near Barcelona. Since 2017, CMT has been working on this development which includes 86 homes, private parking spaces, green common areas and sport facilities.

The project has been entirely designed and modelled using BIM (Revit 2016) by our own architects.

2018 - Building

New residence hall under construction

In May 2018 the construction of a new residence hall in Malaga, near Teatinos University Campus, began.

It is expected that the works could be finished by September 2019, before the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020.

2018 - Bulding

The renovation project of a Masia in Santa Cristina d'Aro is underway

At the beginning of July the renovation and extension works of a masia located in Santa Cristina d'Aro began. Once renovated, the masia, known as Mas Tapioles, will house the headquarters of a company based in the area.

The project has been approved by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya and will be subject to archaeological monitoring given that the masia is located within a protected area.

2018 - Bulding

Repurposing existing buildings into assisted living facilities for the elderly

CMT Associated Architects is drafting the executive project for the renovation of two existing buildings with the purpose of transform them into assisted living residences for the elderly. The two buildings are located in Cerdanyola del Vallès and Igualada.

Current condition of the building in Cerdanyola del Vallès

Current condition of the building in Igualada


2016 - Urbanism and Building

CMT advices big owners of land and properties

CMT Arquitectes Associats cooperates with big owners of land and properties (Solvia, Altamira, Anida) preparing studies of viability and advice in urban and building development. Specifically, CMT is working on urban studies in Cambrils, Sant Pol de Mar, Sitges and viability studies in the Comunitat Valenciana.

2016 - Urbanism

Delivered the plot planning of PAU-A around Juan de Sada street (Barcelona)

In September 2016 the project has been delivered. The project has been commissioned by the Junta de Compensación PAU-A and developed in collaboration with the lawyers Dolors Clavell and Sonia Berlanga.

2016 - Urbanism

Preparing the urban intervention in AD-20 (Barberà del Vallès)

CMT Arquitectes Associats, in cooperation with Pere Santos (Engineer), is starting to work in the project Urban Intervention in the area AD-20 in Barbera del Valles, commissioned by the Junta de Compensación with the same name.

The project will be developed with the same design criteria than neighbor area AD-19 (already finished), planned also by CMT.

2016 - Building

New project of a residence hall in Málaga

CMT Arquitectes Associats is working on the draft of a new residence hall in Málaga, near the University Area of Teatinos. It is expected that the project will be developed throughout 2017 in order to begin works later this year.

2016 - Building

Participation in the contest to build and operate a residence hall in Campus Diagonal-Besòs (Barcelona)

CMT Arquitectes Associats has developed the architectural proposal for the company EnCampus Residencias de Estudiantes, S.A., in the contest for the construction and operation of a residence hall to be awarded by the Consorci del Campus Diagonal-Besòs under a concession.


2015 - Building

Finished the renovation of two student residences of the Defense Department

At the beginning of September 2015, two residence halls have been inaugurated: the residence Barcelona Diagonal (formerly Mateo Calabro) and the residence Vallehermoso in Madrid.

The projects and works were awarded to EnCampus Residencias de Estudiantes and CMT Arquitectes Associats, by means of public contest summoned by the Defense Department in October 2013.

Barcelona Diagonal (formerly Mateo Calabro) residence hall in Barcelona

The works of both residences have been executed by Fausto Facioni Construcciones and have had a duration of 10 and 8 months respectively.

Vallehermoso residence hall in Madrid

2015 - Building

New residence hall in Tarragona for the 2017 Mediterranean Games

In July 2015, CMT Arquitectes Associats has finished the Project of a new residence hall Viding-Sant Jordi. The project is the result of the adjudication to CMT Arquitectes Associats of a contest summoned by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona.

The company Viding Fitness will construct a sports and residential complex near the area of the existing residence Sant Jordi. The new buildings will be used for the 2017 Mediterranean Games organized by the city of Tarragona.

2015 - Urbanism

Preparing the Housing Plan of Sitges

CMT Arquitectes Associats is writing nowadays the Housing Plan of Sitges commissioned by the Diputació de Barcelona and the Sitges Municipal Council. The delivery of the First phase of the Plan (Analysis and Diagnosis) is scheduled for October 2015.

The Plan has as its aim to analyze all the aspects related to the housing (demographic, social, urban development, economic and organizational aspects) to be able to provide the municipal council with an analytical, strategic and programmatic document in the area of the housing for a period of 6 years. The working group is formed in addition by an economist, a lawyer and an expert in GIS, among other collaborators.

During the last years CMT Arquitectes Associats has written Local Plans of Housing of several municipalities, such as Vilafranca del Penedès, Montmeló, Polinyà and also the Housing Plan of Osona region.


2014 - Building

Initiated the works of the Santa Mª del Estudiante residence hall in Madrid

On February 2014 the works of the Santa Mª del Estudiante residence hall in Madrid started with the objective of finishing by the next course 2014-15.

The works consist of an integral remodelling of the building that affects both the interior distribution and the adjustment of the building to all the normative requirements. In addition the whole exterior space will be remodelled (which includes parking space, swimming pool, terraces and sports track) including the garden which is protected.

Colegio Mayor Santa Mª del Estudiante residence hall in Madrid

2014 - Building

Successful bidders of the contest for the remodeling of two military residences

In October 2013 the company EnCampus Residencias de Estudiantes and CMT Arquitectes Associats were winners of the public contest summoned by the Defense Department for the rehabilitation and management of the students' residences Mateo Calabro (Barcelona) and Vallehermoso (Madrid), with the aim that the completely renovated buildings can be opened for the course 2015-16.

Mateo Calabro residence hall in Barcelona

Vallehermoso residence hall in Madrid

2014 - Urbanism

CMT is preparing a catalogue of "Masias" and rural houses located in Sant Vicenç de Castellet

CMT Arquitectes Associats is currently working on a Special Plan for "Masias", Rural Houses and other constructions located on undeveloped land in the municipality of Sant Vicenç de Castellet. The project is promoted by the Muninipal Council and the Diputació de Barcelona.

The aim of the work is to catalogue the constructions that have a historical, architectural, environmental, social and/or landscape value allowing their rehabilitation, as well as regulating their conditions.

"Masias" in Sant Vicenç de Castellet

2014 - Studio

Revit implementation at CMT Arquitectes Associats

CMT Arquitectes Associats is proceeding with the adoption and implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) system by means of Autodesk Revit® software solution.

The aim is to be able to draw, model in 3 dimensions and to have an integral control in real time, which will greatly affect the projectable phase as in the management of the works.

Working on Revit® implementation at CMT studio


2012 - Building

The works of the tower in Passeig de Santa Coloma - Crtra. de Ribes in Barcelona have been finished

In December 2012 the works of this 11th floor height residential tower have been finished. The building contains 60 housings and premises on the ground floor.

Also it has three floors of basement for parking. Each floor has 6 housings, each one composed of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room and terrace.

Finishes the works of the tower in Passeig de Santa Coloma - Crtra. de Ribes (Barcelona)

With this construction finishes a process initiated on 1999 with the approval of the Special Plan of the sector Meridiana - Crtra. de Ribes - Psg. Santa Coloma, written also by CMT Arquitectes Associats.

2012 - Building

Started the Works of a residential building in Sabadell

In early October of 2012 the works of a residential building of 40 apartments, premises in ground floor and parking started in the centre of Sabadell (Barcelona).

The project has been developed in collaboration with HTP Architecture and Engineering. CMT Arquitectes Associats is responsible for the management of works in collaboration with AT-3, S.C.P.

Excavation works of the basement

2012 - Building

Inaugurated the new Hipatia Residence Hall in the UPC Campus of Terrassa (Barcelona) and extension of the residence hall Manuel Agud Querol in Donosti (Basque Country)

At the end of September 2012, the new Hipatia Residence Hall, located in the Terrassa Campus of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya has been inaugurated. It has 100 beds. The project -winner of a contest- has made use of helps established by Ministerio de Fomento and Generalitat de Catalunya.

The shape of the building allows an easy access to the future urban park in the center of the block, crossing a covered porch. The housings have one or two bedrooms and ventilation across the interior courts. The construction was carried out by Fausto Facioni Construcciones, S.A.

New Hipatia Residence Hall of UPC in Terrassa

The building is made up of some of the last innovations: prefabricated structure, totally prefabricated baths, electrified bars, heating by biomass combustion, façades with light panels and prefabricated windows.

Also, at the beginning of the course 2012-13 the extension of the Manuel Agud Querol Residence Hall in Donosti (Basque Country) started with 126 new rooms. The construction was carried out by Construcciones Amenabar, S.A.

Extension of Manuel Agud Residence Hall (Donosti)


2011 - Building

New constructive processes and of energy efficiency

During 2011 and 2012 the remodeling of diverse floors and infrastructures of a building placed in the Av. Victor Hugo of Paris will be carried out.

The building of 13.700 m2 of surface, was built in 1912 by the architect Ch. Lefebvre with the classical constructive elements of the haussman's architecture, typical of the center of Paris. At present the inside remodeling of numerous housings and of the common spaces is being carried out, and also the renovation of all the installations.

One of the singularities of the project is the endowment of conditioning air into an important part of the building departing from the energetic habitual source of the centre: high temperature steam, which is distributed by the town government and traditionally only used to provide heating and warm water.

The innovative process will use the reservoir of existing water in the interior court as an element of dissipation of the caloric remaining energy, given the inability to have the habitual towers of refrigeration in the covers (mansardas).

The development of the work is possible thanks to collaboration of the diverse agents: the management of the project (ICADE Spain, S.A.), the builder (Fausto Facioni Construcciones) and the local architect Antoine Padilla.

Renewal of a historical building in Paris

Utilization of the water reservoir for refrigeration

2011 - Consultancy Services

CMT advises clients in urban development management and building

CMT is offering advice to important clients in diverse matters. On the one hand, it offers urban development advice to the company of biotechnology BIOKIT relating to the follow-up and economic control of the urbanization works of the area Can Montcau in Lliçà d'Amunt, which are already initiated. It is foreseen that the company could move in the medium term in its corresponding plot.

Advice for the works of the area Can Montcau in Lliçà d'Amunt

On the other hand, CMT is offering advice on constructive and economic aspects for the total renewal of a former hospital building in Barcelona for its conversion into a Welfare Center and a third age residence.

2011 - Building

Initiated the works of a tower of housings in Barcelona

Recently the construction works of a tower of 60 housings in Passeig de Santa Coloma - Crtra. de Ribes in Barcelona promoted by Mas Vilanova, SA. have been initiated.

The block, of 11 floors and a 3-floor basement, has a total surface of 7.370 m2 and a semicircular form. The works will take a duration of 14 months approximately.

Initiated the works of a tower of housings in Barcelona

2011 - Building

Two buildings finished in collaboration with world renowned architects

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with world renowned architects developing the project of two buildings, which have been finished during 2011: Eduardo Souto de Moura in Llabià (Fontanilles, Baix Empordà, Girona) and Arata Isozaki & Asociados España with Tohru Uno in Barcelona.

CMT Arquitectes Associats have in both cases collaborated on the project implementation and managed the construction work, taking advantage of closely working with people and studios with a high level of architectural prestige, to which we have been able to contribute our knowledge of local processes and technologies.

The construction of a house according to the draft project of Eduardo Souto de Moura, who has been rewarded with the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2011, was carried out in Llabià. This house, located near the town centre of Llabià, was integrated into the western side of the hill, with views over the fields of Ullastret and Serra de Daró. The house has a floor space of 500 m2 and is set in a single floor, although on its roof garden there is a garage and a guest bedroom located on two separate sections.

Single House in Llabià (Girona)

At Paseo de la Zona Franca in Barcelona, Arata Isozaki & Asociados España with Tohru Uno, have designed the implementation of a series of six buildings of tertiary use for Firanegocis, S.A. Two of them are communicated through the basement and have already been completed. One of these has been designed by Foreign Office Architects (Alejandro Zaera) and the other one by Arata Isozaki & Asociados España with Tohru Uno in collaboration with CMT Arquitectes Associats. This last one covers an area of 15.500 m2 and is distinguished by its modularity and its proximity to the facade of all work surfaces.

Office building in Distrito 38 - Zona Franca (Barcelona)

2011 - Building

New life for ancient buildings in Madrid and Barcelona

During this year 2011 the renewal of two block houses in Madrid (in Montesa and Lavapies streets) have been finished. Besides, the renovation works of municipal premises for social uses in Barcelona will start soon.

In the Montesa building, in order to expand the parking lot, a new basement has been dug under the existing building without affecting the upper floors. A system of micropiles that prolong the foundation of the pilasters of brick has been used. In these pilasters, collarines of steel with post-tensioned anchorages have been connected. The process of execution has been published and documented in n. 7 of the magazine ACI EStructuras.

Works of excavation of a new basement floor in the existing building in Montesa street (Madrid)

In Lavapies street (Madrid) the structure of the building has been entirely reinforced and the existing housings totally have been redistributed and renewed.

Historical buildings in Montesa and Lavapies streets (Madrid)

The works are managed by ICADE España,S.A. and we also have had the collaboration of Fausto Facioni Construcciones and Euteca,S.A. for structural issues.

In Nou de Sant Francesc street (Ciutat Vella, Barcelona) the complete renovation of most part of the ground floor will convert public premises into a polyvalent place for meetings, exhibitions and conferences to the service of diverse associations. The works will begin in this year 2011.

Premises placed in Nou de Sant Francesc street (Ciutat Vella, Barcelona)


2010 - Building

Opening Residence Hall of Valencia University

The Residence Hall of Valencia University in the Tarongers Campus opened its doors this fall 2010 with the start of the academic course.

The Residence has a capacity of 400 accommodations with 440 beds (with more than 12.000m2 built), and is the result of the public tender for granting design, construction and management awarded to Siresa Valenciana S.A. (Grup RESA) and CMT Arquitectes Associats by the Valencia University.

There is a large variety of accommodation, all of them with bathroom and kitchen: single accommodation, single accommodation with shared kitchen, double occupancy accommodation and small apartments for teachers and visitors.

Several technologies have allowed a reduction of time assembly, quality assurance and control of site work, during the construction process: forged beams and industrialized plates for the structure, prefabricated bathrooms with finishing qualities that are higher than usual, facades with prefabricated insolated quickly mounted panels, etc.

This building has been selected in November 2010 by the Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia (CTAV) for the monthly series visits to interesting buildings and recent completions, that is open to all architects.

In Terrassa (Barcelona) the construction of a new Residence Hall at the Campus de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), with a capacity of 100 beds will start soon. In San Sebastian the extension of the existing Residence Hall in Campus de la Universidad del País Vasco, with 126 new beds that are in addition of the 298 current beds also will start soon. Both projects are the result of winning public contests similar to Valencia.

2010 - Building

ECOntainers: An environmentally sustainable accommodation project

CMT Arquitectes Associats, in collaboration with the architect Carlos Coedo González and sponsored by RESA, is developing a process for the potential use of containers to solve temporary accommodation of certain groups.

This study comes from the absence of fast, worthy and temporary execution solutions, -and therefore removable and portable- to accommodate groups at risk of social exclusion.

The studied models aim to build low-cost modules for one or two people with energy efficiency criteria and a maximum use of recycled or recyclable materials.

It is based on the reuse of previously used sea shipping containers, but with the incorporation of prefabricated bathrooms and kitchens, coatings and facilities, so the containers are converted into accommodations.

Then it is only necessary to transfer them into their location to form real buildings by the overlapping and juxtaposition of the modules. Prefabricated access stairs and walkways will be added. The resulting property complies with the common conditions of habitability, as well as the different regulatory requirements.

The most suitable locations to place the containers are those which require a short transportation: places near the sea ports or areas close to logistical platforms. Currently we are developing the implementation of a complete prototype in Barcelona.

2010 - Building

Lack of funding hinders the development of public housing

CMT Arquitectes Associats has drafted, in a basic blueprint or preliminary level, miscellaneous public housing proposals -that is, on a rental basis and aimed at certain groups, mainly to elderly or young people, located on publicly owned land-.

This initiative is born by the agreement between a municipal council and the Diputació de Barcelona (Oficina de Promoció i Gestió del Habitatge), which set in motion an open mechanism to private contractors in administrative concession: after an initial project, the tender contractor’s will take over the development, construction, management and maintenance of buildings.

Different proposals have been drafted: 15 houses in Canet de Mar and separate sets of 106 and 12 homes in Sant Boi de Llobregat, the first two in collaboration with the architects Josep Mª de Lecea and Xavier Monteys.

Basic blueprint of 15 houses in Canet de Mar (Barcelona)

Basic blueprint of 106 houses in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)

These works have been an opportunity to design houses that despite the small size have spatial fluidity and distribution indifference, and also to propose constructive prefabricated solutions.

2010 - Urbanism

Two town planning projects drafted by CMT awarded with grants

CMT Arquitectes Associats has drafted during 2010 two town planning projects which have been awarded with Generalitat of Catalonia grants: the Comprehensive Intervention Project at Nucli Antic de Piera (Barcelona)-funded by the Llei Barris with a total of 7.832.800 euros- and the area Els Tremolencs, in the municipality of La Garriga (Barcelona ), which received the Llei d'Urbanitzacions with an amount of 300.000 euros.

Both projects were supervised by Diputació de Barcelona (Gerència de Serveis d'Urbanisme, Habitatge i Activitats) and by the respective municipal councils.

Comprehensive Intervention Project at Nucli Antic de Piera (Barcelona)

Els Tremolencs in La Garriga (Barcelona)

Also during 2010, CMT Arquitectes Associats finished other projects as a result of an agreement between CMT and the Diputació de Barcelona, like the Local Housing Plan of Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona), the extension of Local Housing Plan of Montmeló (Barcelona) and the Comarcal Housing Plan of Osona (Barcelona).