CMT Arquitectes Associats S.L.P. is a professional society about architecture and urban planning sited in Barcelona.

It was officially founded in 1991 from an architecture studio made up of three architects: Joan Francesc Chico Contijoch, Joan Maria Marco Cardona and Joan Carles Theilacker Pons. They work together as a professional team since 1972.

In 2008 two more architects joined the society: Montserrat Carrera Daví and Cecília Ripoll Piñol, and later, in 2018, the architect Manel Pelegrina Jordan.

CMT Arquitectes Associats S.L.P offers professional services related with urban planning, architecture and construction, specially in the following matters:

  • Project Development and Work Management
  • Studies of Viability and Advice in Urban and Building Development
  • Urban Planning Development and Management
  • Valuations and Reports
  • Architectural and Urbanistic Analysis of Real Estate Assets